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Daniela Hillman-Robles is the Editor-in-Chief and poetry editor of Metafore. She is a senior of the BFA in the Creative and Professional Writing program at Maharishi University. Native to Mexico, she's braved the Iowa winters in search for the expansion of the heart. Daniela is a poet interested in the poetic nature of circumstances, the interrelation between beauty and pain, and drive for human connection. 


A self-diagnosed Romantic, she enjoys her free time nurturing her soul with music, art, classic literature, good food, and love; that is, when she's not cuddling her cat. 


She has published a short story in Revista Llave in Mexico and a short memoir in Crack the Spine. Her favorite authors include J.R.R. Tolkien, Joy Harjo, Mary Oliver, Andrea Gibson, Isabel Allende and Naomi Shihab Nye.


Contact: metafore@mum.edu


Jeremy Erdman

Layout & Fiction Editor


Jeremy is the Layout Master for Metafore Magazine. He's a Minnesota native who is currently in Iowa working on his BFA in Creative Writing.


The ideas, impulses, and longings of old (and of late) are taking shape. As an aspiring author and screenwriter with much to say and share; his works are deep, reflective, bizarre, interesting, fun, slyly humorous, and always a little adventurous. During his time at MIU, he explored many of his other creative interests, including photography, videography, architecture, industrial design, and graphic and web design.


At around age fifteen, reading for pleasure was over, his hormones had the reigns and there was no going back, or so it was then. Of that experience he expressed what he could through poetry and short pieces of prose. It was this poetry and prose—the only artistic form of self-expression he had—that he used to express his innermost desires and feelings. He was a hopeless romantic (and still might be). He fantasized endlessly, and with words, was touching the essence of his being and revealing it to himself. The act of creation and expression satisfied a deep longing and still does.


A few favorite authors are: J.R.R. Tolkien, Susan Mary Cooper, Gladys Sophia Zehnpfennig, Geoffrey Chaucer, and C.S. Lewis.


Candice Rankin

Senior Editor


Candice is a senior editor for Metafore. She is a BFA student in Creative & Professional Writing with a second major in Consciousness & Human Potential. Born in Southern Indiana, Candice has spent the better part of four decades studying performing arts in NYC & traveling the world before returning to her Midwestern roots to write about it.


Candice favors memoir, flash non-fiction, & personal essay. Her search for the deeper meaning of existence often lead her philosophizing in a dark café by herself & talking to a bottle of red wine.


Favorite Authors: David Sedaris, Calvin Haul, Monica Drake, Augusten Burroughs.

Andrea Franz

Art & Flash Editor


Andrea is the flash and art editor for Metafore Magazine and working toward her BFA in Creative and Professional Writing at Maharishi International University.


Born and raised in the Northeastern Wisconsin countryside, Andrea spent her formative years camping, canoeing, and exploring the simple wonders of the natural world. She attributes her curious nature and thirst for knowledge to her parents, who always encouraged her to ask questions. Andrea finds joy in pontificating on wild theories of how we got here and where we are going, though she implores anyone who's listening to enjoy it as entertainment only.


Through her own writings of flash fiction, nonfiction, and personal essay, Andrea has come to better understand herself and her surroundings. In addition, through working as a consultant in the Writing Center she has been able to delve deeper into the craft for the benefit of others and herself. Though she doesn't study art as part of her degree, it is a passion for her and deeply entwined with her writing process.

Leah Waller

Faculty Advisor

Leah Waller is the Program Director for the Department of Media & Communications & an Assistant Professor of creative writing at Maharishi University.


Leah’s work has been published in literary journals, magazines, newspapers, & anthologies. Her book, Under the Cedar Tree, had a soaring debut in Amazon’s top ten best seller list for poetry & continues to be a popular favorite among reading circles. 


Leah received her bachelors in literature & writing at MUM & went on to achieve a Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from Northern Arizona University.


Currently, Leah is working on a collection of poetry and nonfiction which explores her many travels through Europe & the Southwest & is honored to act as the faculty advisor for Metafore as well as the MUM Queer Coalition.

James R. Davidson

Editor-in-Chief Emeritus


James R. Davidson is the former Editor-in-Chief of Metafore. He holds a degree in Creative Writing from Maharishi University. Though he is currently held captive amongst the cornfields of Southeastern Iowa, he still hears the wise, misty whispering of the Great Smoky Mountains in his native East Tennessee.


James is a poet. He is interested in work that takes a contemporary approach to transcendentalism. He finds inspiration at the intersections of queerness, spirituality, & ecology. The surrealist, imagist, & symbolist movements are also major influences. His poem, "Lithosphere," was published by Oyster River Pages in 2018.


When not reading or writing, James is probably baking biscuits. He enjoys meditation & nature, & he is passionate about organic butter.


Favorite Poets: Pattiann Rogers, Mary Oliver, Dorianne Laux, Wendell Berry, Jorie Graham, Eric Pankey.

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